How do I put a poll or survey into a SoftChalk lesson?

With SoftChalk Cloud (SoftChalk's new online community and learning object repository), you can create a poll or rating to embed in your SoftChalk lesson.

For details, please see the SoftChalk Cloud guide.

If you want to put a survey into your lesson, you can create a survey at a site like and then embed the survey into your lesson. (See the instructions below.)

1.    Create a poll or survey at a site such as
2.    Copy the embed code for the poll or survey you created.
3.    Start SoftChalk.
4.    Choose Insert/Widget.
5.    Paste the code you copied.
6.    Enter a title for your widget and click OK.
7.    Your poll or survey widget is now embedded in your lesson.

With an embedded item, your students need to be online. The information is coming from the originating website (e.g. or but the student sees the embedded item within the SoftChalk lesson.

Another option is to create a hyperlink to an online survey. (To create a hyperlink, select some text and choose Insert/Hyperlink.)