When I click on my Create 10 icon from the desktop, the program does not start. What should I do?

The very first time SoftChalk loads, sometimes it takes a minute or so for the application to load. (After the first time, the application will load faster.) If you have waited longer than a minute, then the issue may be multiple versions of Java on your computer or that  a Java update was incomplete. (SoftChalk is based on Java so that it runs in both  Macintosh and Windows environments.)

Please see the steps below to uninstall Java and SoftChalk and re-install SoftChalk. Although you will uninstall Java initially, the SoftChalk installer will re-install Java as part of the installation process.


  1. Uninstall all your versions of Java. (Windows 7 - From your desktop, click the round Start button/Control Panel/Programs and Features. Select your Java versions and click Remove.)
  2. Uninstall SoftChalk. (Start button/select All  Programs/SoftChalk Create 8/Uninstall.)
  3. Windows 7 - Turn off your User Account Control. (Go to the Start menu. Click the search bar. Type UAC and press Enter. Drag the slider to the Never notify setting.)
  4. Restart your computer.
  5. Run the SoftChalk installer from your local computer. [When you download SoftChalk from our website, click Save rather than Run so that you can run this installer from your local computer.]
  6. After installing SoftChalk, click the Create 8 icon on your desktop to launch the program.
  7. Windows 7 - If you want, you can turn User Account control back on after your successful installation of SoftChalk.

If you are still having trouble after following the above steps, please contact help@softchalk.com.