When I try to run SoftChalk Create I get an error message, "Cannot find the main class." What should I do?

Some users have a program called Oracle JInitiator that has caused a conflict with SoftChalk (which runs on Java). The following instructions should resolve the issue caused by the JInitiator program.


  1. Open C:\Program Files\SoftChalk Create 9 and look for a shortcut to SoftChalk 9. The SoftChalk 9 shortcut icon will have an arrow on it. (Do NOT look for the file SoftChalk9.exe - if you have your extensions hidden, then you may see two SoftChalk9 icons; be sure to choose the shortcut icon.)
  2. Drag the SoftChalk 9 shortcut icon onto your desktop. (If you do NOT see the SoftChalk 9 shortcut icon, you have installed SoftChalk with an older version of the installer. Please uninstall SoftChalk and then download the latest installer from our website (www.softchalk.com) and click Download.)
  3. Double-click on this SoftChalk 9 shortcut icon to start SoftChalk.
  4. To avoid confusion, delete your other icon (the one didn't start SoftChalk).

(If you do not know how to find C:\Program Files\SoftChalk Create 9, go to your Start menu and right-click on Computer and choose Open. Then right-click on the C: drive and choose Open. Then open the Program Files folder and then open the SoftChalk Create 9 folder. Then follow the instructions above.)