How to apply a theme to your lesson.

When you apply a theme to your lesson, your lesson automatically acquires a modern, professional appearance with a header, footer, navigation bar and options for sidebars. Designer headings and callout boxes will match the style properties you have chosen for the lesson.  

  1. Open a lesson (if a lesson is not open already).
  2. Choose Properties/Lesson Properties.
  3. There are 15 default Themes available in SoftChalk Create 11. Select the Theme that you would like from the dropdown menu.. 

Set additional options for your theme.

  • Layout: There are 3 Layout options available in Create 11: Horizontal, Vertical and Classic.
  • Lesson Title: The Lesson Title and Subtitle appear in the header in a web browser.
  • Footer Text: Choose to display a print all button, allowing your students to print all the pages of your lesson. Within the Footer Custom Text area you can add an Image, Hyperlink or Widget.
  • Sidebar Layout: Choose the default appearance of the Sidebar and Table of Content options for Sidebar.
  • Navigation: Control whether the top or bottom navigation links are displayed and choose to display the table of contents in the Sidebar.

See page 21  of the​ SoftChalk Create Guide for additional Lesson Properties information.