I want to use the share feature within the SoftChalk Cloud. How do I create a Folder to Share?

IMPORTANT: You must create a folder and put content in the folder to share. (You CANNOT share your Lessons folder.)

  1. Log into your SoftChalk Cloud account.

2. Under the My Content > Lessons tab, click Create Folder at the right under the Actions area.

3. Type a name for your folder and click Create Folder.

4. Scroll down to find your folder. Click the Share icon.

5. Type in SoftChalk Cloud usernames (or Trial SoftChalk Cloud users) and click Add Users.

6. After adding valid SoftChalk Cloud users (or trial user), their usernames will appear under the Shared Subscription User(s).

Click Share Folder to save your changes.

At this point, the users you designated to share this folder (e.g. jbond and hpotter) can:

  • Put additional SoftChalk content in this folder by saving content from SoftChalk into this folder 

  • Within SoftChalk open any content in this folder, make changes and replace the existing content 

  • Go to a previous version of the content (if necessary)