How do I update my Create 10 lesson to the Create 11 new modern look?

After you have updated your Create 10 to Create 11, simply open the lesson within Create 11 and re-save. This will apply all of the modern changes to your lesson.

You can preview these changes within Create before re-saving. After you have opened the lesson within Create 11, click the preview icon (Preview/View in Browser) to view the new lesson appearance.

If the lesson is saved within your SoftChalk Cloud account, open Create 11 and use File/Open from SoftChalk Cloud to open the lesson. Or in your SoftChalk Cloud account, go to My Content/Lessons, click on the lesson title and select Edit Lesson/Edit in Create under the Lesson Actions menu.

Save this version using File/Save to SoftChalk Cloud. Click on the original lesson under Repository to replace the Create 10 version and keep the same lesson hyperlink

If the lesson is saved locally on your computer, open Create 11 and use File/Open to browse and locate the desired lesson to Open. Use File/Save As to re-save the Create 11 version locally on your computer.