How do I enter my license key? My Free Trial desktop version of SoftChalk has expired!

Even if your Free Trial desktop version of SoftChalk has expired, you can open SoftChalk to enter a license key.


  1. Start your SoftChalk application from your desktop. Go to the top menu and choose Help/Enter License. (If you have a Macintosh and you are using Version 4 or later, look at the top left of your screen and choose File/Enter License.)
  2. Copy and paste your License Name and License Key exactly as provided to you. (You may make an error if you try to type the information.)

If you have trouble installing the SoftChalk application or need more help entering your license info, please see our Installation Guide.

If you have trouble entering your license, see the FAQ When I try to enter my license key, I get the message, "My name is missing the first dash." What should I do?