Are there any special instructions I should give my students when using the 'Print Certificate of Completion' option for my SoftChalk lessons?

There are known issues displaying the printed certificate in the following circumstances:

  • Accessing the Printed Certificate using Google Chrome.
  • Displaying the Printed Certificate when Flashplayer is uninstalled/out-of-date or is not activated in the browser.
  • If Cookies have been disabled in the browser.

The Printed Certificate relies on Adobe Flashplayer in order to generate the certificate and display it in the browser. Students will be able to proceed up to the point of receiving their certificate, but they need to ensure they do not fall into one of the above categories in order to be able to to view and print the Certificate.

If you are using the Printed Certificate option give your students instructions to use one of our other supported browsers, FireFox, Internet Explorer or Safari and have them check that FlashPlayer is up-to-date and properly installed on their device.