I am unable to receive updates to SoftChalk Create - when I try to Check for Updates I receive the error message, "Cannot update because the update properties could not be loaded."

You can retrieve the current updates for SoftChalk Create from the links below, if you are having problems running the auto-update in SoftChalk Create.

Choose the appropriate link for your Operating System and version of Create (Cloud or Desktop), then download and run the installer file. This will automatically update the existing installation of Create on your machine to the latest version that is available.


Windows: https://installers.softchalkcloud.com/softchalk-create-cloud-10.03.00.exe

Mac: https://softchalk.com/softchalk_create/SoftChalk-Create.dmg


Windows https://installers.softchalkcloud.com/softchalk-create-desktop-10.03.00.exe

Macintosh http://www.softchalk.com/Create10/Create10.dmg


The Windows regular in a zip, for those who can't download an exe: https://installers.softchalkcloud.com/softchalk-create-desktop-10.03.00.zip