Is there a cost or subscription needed for Getty Images when using the Media Search tool via SoftChalk Create?

The Getty Repository has millions of images that SoftChalk users can search via the media search tool.  You can use those images in your SoftChalk lessons so long as you are using the images for non-commerical purposes only. 

Example: The images can be used by educators in their own lessons, but they can't be used by someone who wants to sell their content or use their content for commercial purposes.

When you insert a Getty image into your lesson, it is actually inserting a reference to the image on the Getty site. So even though the image looks like it is in the lesson, the image file itself resides on the Getty server. 

The only way you can get the actual image file is to then purchase it through Getty.

For any additional questions you may have in regards to pricing or use of Getty Images, please see the Getty Images site directly for their non Royalty Free Collections.