I want to share my SoftChalk content with students and colleagues. I don't have access to a website or a learning management system. Can I email this content? What do you recommend?

SoftChalk Cloud Recommended for Sharing SoftChalk Content

While you can use lessons and learning objects created in SoftChalk Cloud with a learning management system, you can also use SoftChalk Cloud even if you don't have a learning management system.

You can create a 14-day trial SoftChalk Cloud account. You can create interactive web content using our award winning SoftChalk Create program (SoftChalk activities, quiz items or lessons). You can choose the access to this information as public or private.

If you choose private access, then you can email the web address for this information to your students or colleagues. For details on using SoftChalk Cloud, please see our SoftChalk Cloud Guide. For more details on getting started, see the FAQ How do I quickly learn to create lessons with SoftChalk Create?

Emailing SoftChalk Content Is NOT Supported

As mentioned above, you can email a link of your SoftChalk content in SoftChalk Cloud to students or colleagues, but emailing SoftChalk lessons is not supported.