Can I use my Surface Pro with SoftChalk Create?

Currently, SoftChalk Create does not support the Surface Pro by itself for creating lessons; however, you can attach an external monitor to your Surface Pro and use Create successfully. For instructions, please see the FAQ How do I use an external monitor with the Surface Pro and SoftChalk Create? 

If you have already created a lesson, you can, however, edit the text for the lesson using a Surface Pro with our Create Online feature. (Log into your Cloud account, choose My Content, click on the name of a lesson. At the bottom right under the actions menu, choose Edit Lesson / Edit in Create Online.)

You can view SoftChalk lessons with a Surface Pro. For doing the activities and quiz items on the Surface Pro, please use a mouse or stylus.(For accessibility purposes, you may also use they keyboard. For details, please see our Student Guide to SoftChalk Lessons.)