Save PowerPoint® File in iSpring Pro

If you have purchased iSpring Pro from (this is the purchased program that has more features), then follow the steps below.

  1. Install the iSpring Pro program (see above for the link).

  2. Start PowerPoint®. Once you install the application above, iSpring Pro appears as a top menu item within your PowerPoint® program.

  3. Click iSpring Pro. Then click Quick Publish to produce your published PowerPoint presentation.

  4. Let’s say your original PowerPoint file is called brain anatomy. After you publish with the Quick Publish method mentioned above, you have a folder called brain anatomy. [The default location creates a Presentations folder under My Documents (or Documents).]

  5. Just fyi, within this brain anatomy folder is another folder called data and three files called fixprompt.js and index.html and presentation.xml.

  6. Start SoftChalk and create a lesson. Save the lesson with a name such as unit1.

  7. Quit SoftChalk.

  8. Copy the brain anatomy iSpring presentation folder and paste this folder inside your SoftChalk lesson folder (e.g. unit1).

  9. Start SoftChalk again and open your unit1 lesson.

  10. Select some text and choose Insert/Hyperlink.

  11. In the URL or selected file box, type brain anatomy/index.html. (Be sure to delete any http:// or https:// in this box.)

  12. Select the checkbox Open a link in a new window. Click OK.

  13. Save and preview your lesson.